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Online shopping swimsuit to pay attention to three points, you know?

Summer Sambo: air conditioning, watermelon, swimming can not be less. In particular, this swimming, both Jieshu cooling, but also entertainment to relax, to the pool, the beach a look, all handsome guy wearing a swimsuit, even the eyes have eaten the ice cream it! Although the legislation has been over the autumn, but these days is still the high temperature of the rhythm of trouble ah. So now to play a water, or very good, then buy a swimsuit, especially in the online purchase, should pay attention to what? Here to see it together.

1.See material
In fact, whether to buy a swimsuit, or other clothes, pants, the election of the material is very important. Because the online purchase of contact with the kind, can not personally feel the personal comfort, so understand the various main materials of the swimsuit is very important.

The most common swimsuit material on the market is three: Lycra, nylon and polyester. Lycra is the most expensive of the three, but the price of it is the first choice for professional swimsuit. As for the nylon, although its flexibility, softness is less than Lycra, but the price is moderate, cost-effective. While the lowest price of polyester, wear and color fastness is also good, not swimming can be considered.

2. Look at the use
If you buy a swimsuit is to play water entertainment, not by other swimsuit pretty girl, then so beautiful so choose. Bikini, skirt, anyway, choose the most fashionable, the most revealing of the body on the right. But if you are learning to swim, then those who have hem, there are lotus leaves all refused! Obediently choose a professional swimsuit, those extra design will only increase the resistance of water, after all, learning to have been very tired swimming, do not increase their burden friends.

3. look at the body
Wearing a swimsuit to avoid this exposed that, even if the choice of the most conservative swimsuit, can not avoid Oh, so how to avoid weakness is very important. Oriental women are mostly flat body, if your chest is not full of fullness, then choose to print complex, chest pleated swimsuit to “confuse the visual.” Another example is when the waist fat, you can wear high waist swimsuit cover belly, or choose the waist more than the special design of the lotus leaf, but also

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