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How to properly maintain swimsuit and goggles?

Swimming is a big thing, and swimming equipment for swimmers is like a warrior to play the weapons of war. In particular, often swim swimming friends, goggles, swimsuit is indispensable equipment. In use, for goggles, swimwear maintenance and maintenance is also quite important, good equipment and maintenance, you can very good to extend the service life.

1. How to properly maintain swimsuit
Summer comes, many people will wear beautiful swimsuit to the beach to play or go to the swimming pool swimming. When you enjoy the sun, enjoy the fun of playing, do not forget the swimsuit cleaning and maintenance. If you do not know how to properly maintain and wash swimsuit, then it will shorten the life of a beautiful swimsuit, may not wear a few times to loose deformation. Here we come together to learn how to wash and maintain swimsuit, so that your swimsuit to maintain a bright color, bid farewell to deformation!

Chemical agents and sunscreen products and other chemical products will reduce the flexibility of swimsuit, so try not to swimsuits, should wear a swimsuit and then apply sunscreen products.

Before the first water with wet water swim swimming trunks can reduce the water or sea water corrosion; after exercise should be promptly rinse and then change swimsuit, so that the surface of the swimsuits will not bring the inside of the swimwear

Away from the rough rock interface, likely to cause the swimsuit surface wear or damage.

As the swimsuit cloth special, normal only 30 degrees Celsius can be washed with water. Do not use alkaline detergent, detergent, soap, disinfectant, bleach.

Swimsuits do not wring dry, the swimsuit rolled into the dry jin, let dry jin to suck too much swimsuit moisture.

Pool of chlorine or sea water will lead to swimsuit fade hard, please separate shades of color swimsuit washing.

Please immediately after the cleaning of the swimsuit tiled or hanging in the shade to dry, pay attention to ventilation!

After drying should be placed in the shade. Keep the ventilation and ventilation, keep away from cosmetics, laundry detergent and other chemical substances, it is recommended to use the storage box storage, in order to keep the ventilation dry, it is best to put some desiccant in the storage box.

Do not use a clothes dryer or iron, do not bleach, so as not to damage the swimsuit material, so swimsuit deformation.

Do not use the swimsuit for a long time in the bag or car trunk, suitcase, so as not to heat fade, should be as soon as possible to wash hands dry water.

2. How to properly maintain the goggles
Like swimming friends will be equipped with a lot of swimming goggles, not only for their own protection is the protection of the environment, here to tell you about the use of maintenance glasses are common sense.

After swimming, the tour will be washed with water, and then put in the mirror box. The advantage of doing so is to avoid some accidental damage to the goggles.

Do not put the sun under the exposure, not on the high temperature, because the temperature is too high, will destroy the anti-fog performance goggles, and the high temperature, it will cause goggles deformation and goggles performance deterioration.

When cleaning the goggles, be sure to pay attention not to use organic solvents, such as alcohol, these organic solution will cause corrosion of the lens, and goggles anti-fog effect will be greatly reduced, or even disappear.

When the surface of the goggles have grease, then select the cleaning agent, to choose neutral, with the pulp to clean, and then rinse with water, and then prevent dry in the shade.

Goggles goggles, nose bridge, headband and other accessories are generally used silicone or plastic, which are required to avoid high temperature environment, so as not to cause aging.

Wipe the goggles lens, do not casually use anything to wipe directly, so as not to damage the anti-fog film. When the anti-fog effect of the goggles is not very good, you can use the goggles anti-fog agent.

In the case wholesale bikinis of wet goggles, it is best not to swimsuit, towels and other items together, so as not to cause staining, in addition, after use, do not casually pull the goggles, no need, do not casually remove spare parts.

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