The wedding day is perhaps the most important day in a woman’s life, and if there is a female figure who will accompany her throughout this journey, from the choice of the dress to the hairstyle, and who will also psychologically support her, that’s her mom. Your mom is a bit of your best friend, and her presence manages to reassure you, that’s why she will assist in the front row, excited and beautiful during your big day!

Having established the important role that the mother of the bride plays, the following question now arises: how can she dress? You will have understood by now that the dress to wear for the big day is not only the prerogative of the bride, but also of her mother. But finding a dress for the mother of the bride isn’t easy at all. What color to choose? Which model to wear? How to be perfect? Here is a series of tips on how the mother of the bride should dress!

The colours to choose

Obviously avoid white, only the bride must dress in white, along with red and fuchsia (too flashy and bold), beige (too close to white), black (too dull for a wedding).

Pastel shades

So, if it is a wedding that will take place during the day, the perfect colors to wear for the mother of the bride are those in pastel shades, even better if in solid colors, such as sky blue, champagne, shades of green and powder pink.

Burgundy, silver gray, dark gold, navy blue, copper, emerald green

For an evening wedding, however, you can give the green light to dresses in the colors I just mentioned. Furthermore, you must also be careful to balance the use of accessories. By this I mean that you have to choose white gold jewelry if the color of the dress is a cold shade, yellow gold if it is warm.

The models to be preferred

There is no universal dress model for the mother of the bride. The most important thing is that she must feel comfortable and at ease during this beautiful day, without, of course, giving up elegance. However, there are some precautions to follow: avoid dresses with too deep necklines, bare backs, or dresses that are above the knee.


Prefer a suit with jacket and skirt or a suit made up of jacket and trousers, if you have a classic soul, which you can enhance with special shoes or accessories.

Sheath dress

Or you can opt for the timeless sheath dress, a garment that can be worn by women of all ages, a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. You can then combine it with a shrug or a jacket!

Long dress

If the ceremony takes place after 8pm, you can choose to wear a wonderful long dress, perhaps with soft lines, comfortable fabrics such as silk and linen, and with asymmetrical cuts, for a more innovative look!

Finally, if your outfit is not very “demanding” and you want to embellish it with something more special, choose to wear a hat and a pair of gloves, which will make it even more sophisticated!

And now it’s time to buy the perfect dress for the mother of the bride. Happy wedding day!