It is not always easy for young Muslim girls to dress modestly without compromising their faith. It should also be said that modesty does not always concern women of faith. But that many times it also concerns those women who do not want to show off their bodies. In fact, dressing modestly does not necessarily mean having to wear a burqa, but also simply using a style in which you do not have to show your skin.

There is, in fact, this constant idea that to be considered beautiful, women must show their skin. And what modesty often fights for is that a woman can be fashionable and beautiful even by covering herself up. Modesty can be and is beautiful and only requires a little creativity.

Especially in the summer months, you have to be very good at knowing how to create the right mix of clothes to wear. And this involves an awareness on the part of those who create the outfit to no end in a pool of sweat.

It is obvious that this type of clothing leaves a lot of room for the imagination of those in front of us. And according to the beliefs of those who use this type of style, this allows for a greater number of compliments to their body.

But let’s see 5 useful tips for creating a modest style!

1. Loose and wide is cooler

While summer tends to be a time when women wear tighter and more fitted pieces, experts say you need to swap miniskirts and tank tops for loose, flowing pieces such as maxi dresses or tank tops that allow air to circulate. Combine an elastic pencil skirt with a wide blouse or top with gladiator sandals.

2. Avoid the need for layering

Many dresses are sold in short or long sleeves. And sometimes you have to resort to shelter to cover yourself when it’s too cold. It is therefore better to choose clothes that do not require the need to put other clothes on top. Tthus creating layers that will be useless. So buy items that cover the parts of your body that you already know you want to cover!

3. Choose fabrics for each season

Your skin will benefit if you go to wear light and breathable fabrics in the summer such as cotton, silk, chambray, linen and jersey. For the winter, opt for heavier items, such as sweatshirts and sweaters, and use more layers if needed.

4. The maxi pieces must become your best friend

Choosing a variety of maxi skirts and dresses in lightweight, breathable fabrics is a sure-fire way to stay covered but cool. Fill your wardrobe with this type of clothes. Bbecause they are very opaque and allow you to create many styles in vogue with today’s fashions without having to give up a skirt!

5. Use accessories

Use simple and modest clothes in which to feel comfortable, and change your daily look through the use of accessories. Use straw bags, hats, piles of rings, sandals and many other accessories to give a unique touch to your style!