Let’s face it, us women often tend to observe and admire a certain hairstyle, which we may see in a fashion magazine, in a fashion show, scrolling on our Instagram home or simply going out. And it is precisely at that moment that we ask ourselves “what if I tried that hairstyle on me?”. It happens to me a lot, and, promptly, as soon as I experiment it on myself, I don’t like the result, perhaps because it doesn’t enhance the shape of my face and highlights the flaws. If it happened to you too, I can understand the feeling! And why does this happen? Simply because there are some hairstyles that are better for those that have a long or round face, or maybe a squared or heart-shaped face. Of course, we can all create a particular hairstyle, but in this article I will give some tips to all those women who have a particularly long face, in order to help you make it smaller, softening your facial features in the best possible way.

So, let’s assume that the long face luckily lends itself to many types of hairstyles. Examples are the side parting, wavy hair, dishevelled braids, curls and many more.

Obviously if you have a long face, the goal will be to make it more minute, thus avoiding to emphasize the length of the face: you will have to use a series of tricks that will resize the proportions of your face, and maybe give volume to the temples. How?

First of all, say a firm no to all those hairstyles that create a lot of volume on the top of the head, including high buns, in fact these types of hairstyles will elongate your face even more! Instead, choose low back or side buns, which are also very feminine and delicate, hairstyles pulled on the forehead and soft ponytails.

Elsie & Fred 2-pack of hair scrunchies
Elsie & Fred 2-pack of hair scrunchies

Another great effective trick to make the face smaller is to have one or two wisps of hair that lightly touch the cheeks, creating a bit of the effect of parting them! The side tufts, in fact, are ideal for breaking the verticality of the face.

As long as you have a medium-length bob style cut, hairstyles with loose hair are for you, to give volume to the height of the cheeks. If you have a long face, you should avoid long hair, especially long straight tresses along your face. On the other hand, the long fringes on the forehead, which optically “shorten” the face, are perfect for you. Long layered hairstyles contrast with the length of the face and give it volume on the sides. If your hair is not naturally curly, you can also opt for a shorter cut, which, however, should never go beyond the jaw.

Your hair color can also play a role if you want to make your face look smaller. If you have long hair, try the ombre, really very beautiful and often chosen by many style icons.