At first glance, there seems to be not much knowledge about bikinis. It has several materials, some kind of fastening element, … well, that’s usually the case.

But whether you believe it womens high waisted bikini or not, the “its small, compact” swimsuit is actually a lot of history hidden under these fabrics. Although we initially had this view, we looked more at the bikini than the eyes. How do you like it…

Two different men ‘invented’ the bikini around the same time

French fashion designer Jacques Heim launched cheap high waisted swimsuits his two-piece swimsuit version in the summer of 1946 – although more moderate skirts or lower body shorts often appear – but the same summer, French car engineer Louis Rard And the fashion designer introduced his own, even thinner version, made with only 30 square inches of fabric. Before the Heim version began, he managed to patent his design.


The bikini’s name was meant to be shocking

According to Dr. Smithson, Heim first called his design “atome”, which was designed to compare the design of small garments to the same small atom. On the other hand, Rard is said to have hoped that the name of his new swimsuit is even more shocking – in line with its appearance – and eventually chose to name the garment after the bikini atoll, which was tested in 1946.

Model does not want to be associated with it

Rard plans to make his debut in a swimming pool called Piscine Molitor in Paris on July 5, 1946, but the model was initially reluctant to appear in the scandal. According to, he eventually found a voluntary model at Micheline Bernardini, who used to be an exotic dancer at a casino in Paris and had no hesitation in public appearances almost naked. She received more than 50,000 fan letters from men. The result is.

The designer claims there’s one true test of a bikini

As a way to drive home the point that his barely-there swimsuit was much smaller than the competitions, Rard ran an ad campaign that claimed true bikinis “could be pulled through a wedding ring.”

Similar swimwear dates back thousands of years

The public may think that bikinis will be affected when they first debut, but before the trend began in the 1940s and 1950s, the style was good. According to the study of the “Independent”, as early as 1400 AD, there were Romanesque and bikini-style costumes painted by Greek caskets. One of the most famous examples is the mosaic of the floor in the Italian castle of the 4th century, called the Glory of the Victory, also known as the Bikini Mosaic because it depicts the 10 women who participated in sports tube tops. The top is off the bottom.