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Bikini swim up the beach world

Summer seaside holiday scarves and bikini story.

Summer comes, presumably we will choose to go to the beach vacation, but there are crush will worry about their own body is not good enough to wear bikini is not beautiful. Now do not worry, and teach you a simple dress in the United States bikini, who can try this method. This killer is – scarf, it is simple! A lot of spare on a few features scarves and large scarf, so let the crush are arbitrary with the. If you are super-stick, with a scarf, it can make it more sexy to enhance the fun!

A European and American style of three sets of yarn / skirt bikini, the seaside holiday can make you dance with the yarn.

The following began to bite for the crush, and can take a variety of wear law.
The first move, long scarf killer
Meimei before you travel must remember to bring a few long section of scarves, allowing you to wear a different effect.
Long section of the scarf was the wind blowing the moment is very interesting, there is the feeling of fluttering for the wind, with the wind show full of charming. With a long scarf to wear a dress skirt, piercing the effect of long skirts, dress skirt, and so on, wild is no problem.

The second move, bring tassels scarves, with the bikini, there is a game full of Bohemian style.
Choose the style of ten kinds of bikini, with a variety of, and then the role of scarves, but also highlights the charm of women, four sets of bikini show you a variety of wear law.

The third measure, the temptation of a small skirt
With a scarf to do a small skirt is charming and infinite, you can play to avoid weaknesses. Its effect is worse than the bikini skirt. And free with, is particularly convenient.
A three-piece split bikini, let you wear a small skirt of the temptation, is the charm of sexy and can show the perfect side of the woman.

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