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Swimming breathing tips, do you really mastered it?

Swimming this project actually has a lot of skills, we need to start the practice step by step, because learning is actually very difficult to swim, and the main difficulty comes from the body coordination and breathing, today Xiaobian to tell you talk about breathing skills The

First, practice deep breath
As a beginner, to start the first time to practice a deep breath, you can usually in the normal when the deep inhale, and then slowly exhaled, a reasonable control of breathing rhythm, can make you better control when swimming time breathing The

Second, hold your breath practice
First practice to work hard to draw water, and then try to harm gas, in the water as much as possible rhythm to the water, how far to swim how far, and then looked up and breathe, so slowly learn the first rhythm of water, do not be afraid to drink Water, swimming in order to learn this is inevitable.

Third, the arm rhythm
We are swimming when the difficulty of ventilation is a rhythm of the problem, we began to grasp the rhythm of the two arm is not very simple, many people can not have a good arms, and some people are fast when slow Everyone exercises when you need to slowly correct.

Fourth, the water to be large
Another problem that causes breathing is that the power of the arm is very small, and some are the situation in which your arm is not strong, but most people are caused by the mistake of your arm, and when we draw water Arms to start, and then pull back, this is the right way.

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