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Sexy bikini, let you everywhere on the beach eye!

Bikini should be the most visual impact of the clothing, and simple style, scarce fabric can be a good outline of the girl modified sexy body. Summer comes, want to become the focus of the beach on the beach, bikini is essential.

In today’s contemporary society more and more open, girls are increasingly want to show their beautiful body, a bikini can be a very good show of female graceful body, with a yarn outside the skirt, vaguely filling Woman’s charming sexy.

1. Steel cupping large cups bikini
Summer, do eyebrows goblin. Beautiful and beautiful printing just echo the weather, so you put on fashion and sexy. Steel care large cup type, you can better gather the chest, showing the perfect body, sexy full effect. Can change the shape can be better to meet your needs.

2. One-piece skirt bikini three-piece
Love to be beautiful, fashion trend without limit. Chest gather the design, very good show upright chest, showing full of temptation lines. Hanging neck and shoulder strap combination, the design intimate comfortable, so you free choice. The design of the flat pants is smoother and safer.

3. Three sets of steel cobi bikini
Retro mysterious style, showing a strong holiday atmosphere. Exquisite printing, filling retro style, highlight your personality. Internal steel care with dumplings chest pad, to enhance the tall and straight gather the chest, filling the fullness of the body. Chiffon material of the shirt, can be better self-cultivation by age.

4. cover belly was thin bikini
Show the charm of gestures, practicing low-key strong gas field. Colorful exquisite print, highlight the vitality of summer and youth, showing that your personality. The design of the shirt can be better to modify the body, the perfect cover belly, show the perfect body.

5. sunscreen was thin Bikini suit
Little Lodi Van Bikini, make you more Smart sweet. Exquisite stripes printed with lace design, so you even more sweet Lolita at the same time can be better modified body. Cool sunscreen can be better to cover the meat, to show the perfect body.

6. skirt big chest bikini swimsuit
Breathe fresh air and enjoy the cool summer. Sweet lotus leaf design to swimsuits more layered, to resolve the small chest sister’s embarrassment. Comfortable breathable yarn is made of high quality lightweight fabric, more attractive charm. Back lace design more beautiful.

7. sexy split bikini
Show wholesale bikinis fresh and vitality, taste the taste of life. Meticulous multi-level cross-mesh yarn, V-curve to improve the visual height, showing a full body. Huan Li thin yarn, better show the elegance of a woman’s intellectual. Waist crossover skirt outline female slender waist

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