On the last day of the Miami Swimming Week, we have seen a sexy style on the catwalk.
So far, we have seen models wearing bikinis on the Florida stage.
Even the speckled t-show stars are showing off two of the fishnets – which is hard to imagine.
Let’s review some of the sexiest trends in the 2018 Miami Swimming Week:

1. Fishnet bikini
Sports Illustrated model Danielle Herrington wore a black fishnet bikini on the runway.
During the Miami swimming cycle at W South Beach, her design made her design very creative.
The other brunette woman wore a red bud silk eye bikini with cream heels and a black halter cap.

2. Underboob Bikini
We also saw a model showing off their underwear trends, which has proven to be a hot spot for celebrities. The star of the t-stage wears a red bikini with black hips.
She wore a beige hat and a hat.
At the same time, a brunette beauty shows off her curves while wearing black underwear, sexy to another level.
The sequined top is paired with a small bikini bottom and a black silk wrap skirt. She finished the look with black knee-length boots.

3. Pure fabric swimwear
When she walked on the catwalk in a completely transparent swimsuit, the model flashed past.
When she rushed into the t-stage with a transparent suit, she made a wave of heartbeat.
Another model wore a cut swimsuit with a laced detail.

4. Wrapped bikinis

A model puts a big butt bikini on the bikini.
She made a maroon hat for the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Show in Paraiso in 2018.
Mara Martin also breastfed her 5-month-old daughter on the show while she was wearing a golden bikini on the runway.