Macon, Georgia (41 nbc/wmgt) – A woman from Macon won the Bikini profession in the Southern Open for supernatural bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

The event was held on July 14th at Gwinnett High School in the heart of Lawrenceville.
Amber Foster was ranked first in the competition when he participated in the bikini competition. Now, her eyes have begun to become a professional player in the autumn game. She said that preparing for the competition is about discipline.

“The desire to transcend myself makes me concentrate.” There are many early morning and evening times, which can be very tiring. In particular, being ready to compete with a child’s normal life, he also has his own life,” Foster said.

This latest game is not the first time Foster has taken the victory home. In November last year, in the finale of SNBF, she ranked second in the class.
“This is a great experience, but it is also the first time a competitor.” I doubt the competition. For me, preparing for competition is 80% mental and 20% physical,” Foster said.

Will Butler, who owns the Will 2 Temperature Fitness Club. He has been training and working with Foster for a year.
“She is our first professional athlete. In less than a year, as an amateur player, this is very impressive.” This is a huge boost for our organization. We are now able to provide professional training for personal certification,” Butler said.

For Foster, competition is more than just winning.
“The rewards are amazing. I have been able to really test my physical and mental limitations, change my physique, strengthen my self-discipline in other areas of my life, and become an advocate of health and wellness for friends and family,” Foster said.

Her family is ensuring that she continues to achieve her goals, that she takes responsibility and that she stays on track.
“They respect my decision to refuse certain outings. My parents always do something special for me when I visit, because I usually don’t eat what others eat.” When others are enjoying hot fish When they will bake or bake a few slices for me. “Foster said.

She encouraged other mothers to make time for themselves.
“As a mother, we are so focused on our treatment.” I changed my point and concluded that if I don’t take care of myself, I can give my family what I want, so I also put myself first. . “Foster said.

If you are interested in competition, Foster says that everyone has their own things.
“Fitness, even competition, offers so many levels and pathways to anyone interested.” If you are interested in competition, do some research and make informed decisions,” Foster said.

Foster said that in this autumn’s competition, she will compete with the National Physical Fitness Commission nationwide.