THERE’s a big difference between Freshwater woman Ruth Hurley’s swimwear and dozens of other
Aussie brands.

It’s not expensive.

With tops costing from $49 and bottoms $30 — and less in the sale, Hurley, 34, said she was
conscious she wanted to make RH Swimwear affordable.

The Freshwater woman said her British background — she moved to Australia from Hampshire nearly
ten years ago — make her more price conscious.

Britain’s big range of High Street stores generally make fashion much more affordable than

“I think it really is one of the only bikini labels out there that’s selling a bikini under $100
that has that unique aesthetic,” she said,

“There are labels popping up even week but most of them are really expensive.

“Coming from England you can get a lot more high street things,”

The former marketing woman decided to launch her own brand while travelling in Latin America after
taking a gap year.

Four years later top bikini blogger Tash Oakley has helped boost sales by wearing her creations on
Instagram. She has 1.9m followers.

Every time she posts a picture RH Swimwear’s sales surge.

Hurley, who started the company with her savings, plus help from her uncle, juggles life as mum to
11 month-old daughter, Amelie with running her company, which she stared four years ago.

Now she has big online retailer, The Iconic on board.

But she admits it’s not always easy being a new mum.

“I just work even opportunity I can,” she said. “Luckily babies sleep quite a lot, I just try
and make it work.”

While she studied fashion, she said she taught herself most of the skills needed to launch the