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Do you know what to wear your swimwear?

Night into the summer, many people can not bear to go swimming under the water. Hot summer heat, swimming has become a lot of people choose, fashion fashion the most fashionable, not only can cool a summer, you can also physical fitness. For the beauty of women, choose a suitable for their body shape, personality swimsuit, is very important.

For the buttocks flat woman, choose a lower body with a skirt swimsuit is very appropriate, both from the visual beauty of the buttocks lines, but also can show the legs of the beautiful. Fresh and elegant flowers embellishment, so that you are full of sweet spring; delicate tailoring design, hollow back, filling the United States back; built-in body swim trunks, abdomen hip, outline the charming curve.

Xia Yan even body skirt small chest gather sexy Slim swimsuit female concealed thin conservative flat angle hot springs
Waist longer MM suitable for split-style swimsuit, swim trunks designed to high waist design is appropriate Classic black and white lattice elements, this year’s popular word collar leaf side, a coat, two wear law, can be sexy, can also be lovely. With black triangular pants elongated leg lines, simple and not too open.

Girls new sweet black and white color of the word exposed shoulder lotus leaf high waist bikini split swimsuit
No beautiful big legs do not dare to show? do not be afraid! High flap swimsuit can make people illusion, legs look slender point. Cute cute cartoon pattern plus belly style cut, so small fresh, people instantly young years old. Hanging neck lace design is elongated neck curve.

Three sets of bikini small chest gather blouse wide belly skirt style swimwear
Chest more flat, suitable for wearing a chest twisted or wrinkle details of the design of the swimsuit. Retro style to the swimsuit series is the result of a red fabric with graceful dress style cut, have expressed the memories of the past fashion and tribute. The hottest tribe prints, gathers modern and elegant.

The new swimsuit female steel cottage small chest gather high waist bikini three sets of sexy sexy swimsuit
Shoulder narrower people wear a round neck or a string of swimsuit more appropriate. Europe and the United States new Siamese swimsuit, visual waist design, cover belly was thin, personalized beauty back, fashion atmosphere! Endless black filling the atmosphere and charm, sexy and conservative in this swimsuit to show the most vividly.

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