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No high value of the bikini, only with the briefs!

“Victoria’s Secret Swim Special” (Victoria’s Secret Swim Special) “referred to as the Victoria swimwear show just did not take long, this swimsuit show will be 13 angels on the island 10 days of swimsuit life carried out a full range of no dead record , The whole blood blowing people, full of temptation. In addition to these beautiful angels have a beautiful face, more importantly, their body impeccable.

Bikini on the requirements of the body is not everyone can control, in addition to have a perfect body, the choice of style is also very important, whether often in the seaside or the pool side to see the body hot MM wearing a bikini good to see the nosebleed? And some even the body but put the bikini is very casual, like wearing underwear on the girls out of it?

Have a good congenital conditions, naturally can not be wasted, choose good looking bikini, in order to let you pocketed the eye and keep the rate, together to see how the high value of the bikini 8 how to Yan Qiangfang!

Style one. Sexy was thin bikini
Cup face with tropical style print profile stitching design, with a strong visual impact, the collision between the color to maintain the original vitality while continuing hot and sexy temperament.

Style two. High collar hanging neck gather bikini
The classic dumplings are designed with a taste of elegance and retro, and the back lace design is sexy with a large halter. At the same time, it is free to adjust the tie to fit the size of the bust. The briefs of the hip are neither conservative nor exposed , Just right.

Style three. Cortical crack bikini
Bikini pants on both sides of the lace design is full of temptation in the sun so that this bikini will be more texture, quality, cortical crack three-point design, more sexy sultry

Style four. Sexy print bikini
Gorgeous colors of the geometric lines knocked out of the weaving sense, with a thick national style but without losing the taste of big. The bow tie is designed with a sexy taste.

Style five. Net yarn hollow beach bikini
Unique net yarn knit blouse can wear a variety of styles, both when the body can wear a long skirt, can also be pulled to the chest when the chest wrapped around the chest, giving a mysterious sexy taste.

Style six. Sexy knitting bikini
Simple sexy, no muddy water complex design, self-cultivation of the overall profile of a sense of shape, the edge of the weaving elements to add fashion, gas field full of Europe and the United States highlight the big demeanor.

Style seven. Sexy steel Tobini
Double shoulder belt with the design of the cable to achieve a better shape of the effect of breast, with the outer skirt can create a different shape, nature, color patterns, highlight the elegant and charming fashion temperament.

Style eight. Gathering steel support split bikini
Made of chloroprene rubber material, with a good anti-wet fast dry non-sticky skin performance, on the fence design cup, highlight the chest fullness, showing charming style.


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