Summer to the high-profile dew flesh, V treasure who is most excited about what? You can get rid of heavy autumn and winter clothes, so that a sexy one? Or you can eat all kinds of cool cold drink, the hearts of secretly happy? Xiao Bian is the thought of swimming in the pool can be back and forth, it is elated!

A mention of the pool, V treasure brain fill what is the picture? The beach, the beach, the volleyball, and of course the goddess wear bikini, revealing the big legs, water snake waist, small incense shoulder, every place is sexy self show, but on the bikini secret, you all know?

Bikini is recognized as the inventor of the French designer Luis Lille, but strictly speaking, he can only be regarded as the inventor of modern bikini, because the bikini pattern has long been seen in 1400 BC murals, the Italian Sicilian The island’s Villa Romana del Casale has mosaic mural, depicting ten women wearing a bikini are engaged in all kinds of sports.

Around 1890, the locker room on the wheel was considered an essential props for European swimmers to swim. But the ladies will be part of the bikini edge sewing, to prevent clothes to shrink, exposing their thighs.

The modern bikini pioneer appeared in 1907, when the Australian swimmer and performer Annette Kellerman was arrested on Boston Beach for wearing a bold bikini. After most women wear multi-layer petticoats, bikini appeared, the female body is no longer deliberately hidden.

In the 1940s, the boutiques began selling swimwear, swimsuits that exposed women’s body parts to an unprecedented extent. At that time, the war rationing system stimulated the development of swimsuit, the US government ordered manufacturers to minimize the use of textiles, resulting in naked women’s clothes naked. But until a Frenchman dressed in bikini sitting on the southern French beach, people realized that the bikini is gradually becoming a trend.

July 5, 1956, the French engineer Louis designed a “smaller than the world’s smallest swimsuit clothes.” The previous four days, the United States in the Pacific bikini island nuclear test. Louis wanted his invention to detonate the 20th century as the atomic bomb exploded, so he named his invention “bikini”. But at first, even the Paris models are afraid to wear this fashionable clothing.

July 11, 1946, stripper darlingina Bernardini for the first time wearing a bikini appeared in front of the Paris media. Bernardini received a large number of letters from all over the world for suitors.

In 1951, London’s first Miss World contest, to participate in the beauty of the girls were banned wearing bikini. At this time even the body swimsuit is still popular, bikini have been in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Australia were banned, the Vatican that wear bikini guilty.

In the 1960s, movie star Kirk Douglas and Bikini French actress Bijie Bardo froze on Cannes Beach, making a sensational scandal. Brigitte because of wearing a sexy bikini and fame, and even made a contribution for the French international trade.

In 1962, the Swiss actor Ursula Andes in the 007 series of films, “Dr. Novo”, dressed in self-made white bikini from the Caribbean blue sea water hibiscus scene, became the classic picture of bikini history. 40 years later in 2001, this bikini auction of £ 60,000. In 2002, “Who and Commander” Halle Berry wearing orange bikini created the second classic moment in the history of bikini.

In 1964, the “era” of the sister magazine “Legendary Sports” for the first time wearing a bikini beauty photos when the cover.

In 1967, the Hollywood actress La Kouge Wei Wei in the film “BC 1 million years” in wearing a bikini Liangzhao announced. Since then, many famous actress began wearing a bikini appearance, such as Marilyn Monroe and so on.

In 1997, this year’s Miss America beauty contest began to allow two-piece swimsuit, which was the first time since 1947 bikini was banned.

To now, bikini has become a culture, “Victoria’s secret” is the best proof. Women wear bikini, is a sexy endorsement, it is swaying style of self-show.
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