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This year’s popular bikinis with the exposed dew cover the cover!

More and more sister began to novice a new bikini, but the attendant concerns are also accompanied. So wear will not be exposed? Will this wear my little flesh be exposed? So wear will not be too conservative?

Please, do you still live in the old age? Of course, there is no need to deliberately enlarge their own defects, so a good bikini must have a suitable blouse or dress, as collocation, or in some places it is difficult to avoid too embarrassing picture it.

Choose the dew of the shade of the swimsuit

Method one: choose the same color or fashion elements of the bikini yarn, cardigan, blouse, dress, loose T-shirt, cover the swimsuit outside, to avoid embarrassment. Tim Bocchi Bikini Swimsuit Blouse Female Travel Long Sleeve Anti-Skirt Spring / Summer Casual Beach Cardigan

Method two: choose to bring their own four-piece suit shirt, worry and save money, remove the blouse and do not match concerns. INS very fire bloggers like this bikini, can be a good sun drying your body. This is the designer of the improvement, more suitable for Asian women’s body, such as the details of the chest strap pull, and will not fall cups; under the thin thin chest pad design, small chest women can wear clothing to gather the full effect.

Beach big size bikini blouse hollow swimsuits swimsuits swim jacket outside the wild beach beach sunscreen clothing loose. Most of the fluorescent colors are black, the wheat color of the sister who is very fond of, because it looks like a special sexy, healthy. But radish cabbage each have love, in general, like the beauty of the black, there must be like whitening. High saturation of lemon yellow is definitely white and bright choice, the classic bikini three-point type, do not need too much color you have become the focus.

Bikini new yellow steel braid bikini swimsuit gather hot spring vacation swimsuit. Bikini live to please, in addition to the classic solid color is good-looking color. This rainbow gorgeous geometric retro pattern. But also with the pp to prevent the light of the yarn, very intimate

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