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The Most Understated Swimsuits Of 2018

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. At least this is the motto we follow when choosing the color of our swimsuit this year. As summer approaches, swimsuits are full of rainbow bikinis, bright neon monochrome and more red baywatch iterations. Each season, the number of new swimming brands and swimsuits seems to be multiplying. With this overload. When it comes to color selection, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when buying the right suit. But in the chaos of choice, the black classic simplicity never disappoints you-and don’t mistake it for boredom. We won’t miss the 2018 swimming trend, but we’ll just give ourselves a short break and walk with as little black suits as possible. A color. Choice does not deprive you of the adventure of silhouette: between a short-sleeved bikini top and a middle waist belt your black swimsuit will still stand out from the crowd.

To see our picks that will make your swim shopping excursion even easier, dive straight ahead.

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