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Swimwear conjoined good or split good? The answer is here

Swimwear supporters are usually sports enthusiasts, on the beach, swimming activities will be more convenient, then, how to wear a piece of body swimsuit, it is necessary to pay attention to the skills of Oh! One-piece swimsuit or split swimsuit is good, it is recommended that you from their own specific circumstances, pay attention to the following points:

In the case of
Point 1: waist rough selection of separate swimsuit
Waist rough split swimsuit can be separated from the upper and lower line of sight, eliminating the need for thick waist trouble. Thigh thick selection with skirt or flat angle of the style, can be the most thick parts of the thigh cover. However, the personal swimsuit is easy to expose the shortcomings of the body, thick waist and hypertrophy of the buttocks will be unreserved in front of people, it is easy to ashamed. So fashionable women should know how to avoid weaknesses to choose swimsuit, the election of the swimsuit, not only to modify the shortcomings, but also improve the lines, regain confidence. In the case of

Point 2: chest too large to choose Siamese + stripes swimsuit
For the chest full of ladies, wearing swimsuit always feel uncomfortable, often afraid to emptied. May wish to consider the Siamese style swimsuit, both the figure can be elongated lines, but also reduce the chance of emptying. And stripes pattern more to make * Wai look more flat, with the two, can make the lines even more uniform and natural.
In the case of
Point 3: hips too large to choose flat-foot skirt-style conjoined swimsuit
Buttocks fullness, you should choose flat-footed or skirt-style conjoined swimsuit, upper body with more exaggerated patterns, can effectively cover the hypertrophy of the buttocks. Because the exaggerated pattern can have the role of diversion of sight, and shorts or short skirts can effectively cover the fullness of the buttocks, play a modified effect.

Swimsuits Swimsuits Swimsuits Swimsuits Swimsuits Swimsuits Swimwear
With a strong visual impact of the collision color combination, with a dynamic vest cut, together to create a light sports wind lively swimsuit. Youth girls all the energy and fearless in this most vividly presented. High waist stripes conducive to the modification of the small pot.

Black sexy shade was thin and false false angle fashion hot spring swimsuit female retro piece swimsuit
Conservative Siamese swimsuit is not sexy, on the contrary, this sexy more sultry. Black swimsuit, bring light Mature charm, mature and elegant, this beauty is sensual, in the visual are a kind of enjoyment. Little skirt rippling, but do not be afraid to emptied Oh, there are safety underwear design.
Sexy conjoined swimsuit bikini deep V cover belly back Xiaoyi swimsuit
Full of exotic swimsuit and blue boundless sea with a look, the most wonderful is that you enjoy the blue sky in a pleasant time, not knowing that you are also a high rate of eye-catching scenery, but also by others quietly concerned about With the praise.

The new sexy stripes wholesale bikinis small chest gather swimsuit conjoined sports swimwear female cover was thin
Endless blue blue waves, soft and delicate silver sand beach, you have become one of the most dazzling presence. Conservative conjoined skirt swimsuit to avoid weaknesses, on the one hand to cover the waist fat, on the one hand the use of hanging neck design will be transferred to the fullness of the full chest.

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