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Do not dare to wear bikini? In fact, there is no election right

Speaking of bikini thought a lot of pieces of cloth to cover the key parts, no S-shaped curve really dare not touch. For the traditional bikini is the case, but all the things in today’s society have improved, bikini is the same. For some of those parts of the MM is not reasonable to choose some shelter, or disco style to be thin.

Siamese: is the most insurance, the most classical swimsuit dress, for shy ladies, is an excellent choice.

Ping angle: for those who do not want to show their own women, flat-style swimsuit is to ensure a safe line of defense, but the angle of the swimsuit its shortcomings is that you will look short legs, so be careful choice. Flat-style swimsuit is also suitable for thighs to wear thinner people.

High waist: small belly slightly convex lady, twill, high waist design swimsuit style, you can make the transfer of attention to achieve the effect of modification.

Skirt: for the buttocks flat woman, the election of a lower body with a swimsuit swimsuit is very appropriate, both from the visual beauty of the buttocks lines, but also the performance of the legs of the beautiful.

Siamese color fight: you can make the body more fat women look more slender. Especially the two-color stitching style, the vertical arrangement of color and the use of zipper can make people look higher.

Split: split swimsuit has always been the choice of fashionable girl, good body of women can choose. However, split swimsuit the most suitable for the beach and the sun.

Skirt low waist: If the hip is large, may wish to choose skirt or low waist swimwear to do the decoration.

Patterns: If it is slim beauty children, you can consider the pattern of swimsuit, because the swimsuit fabric was dressed after the stretch, the flower pattern will have a large expansion effect, the visual look will be more plump.

Bikini: monochrome bikini style swimsuit is a good body of women’s patent. A black or white bikini can make you exceptionally eyebrow on the beach. Usually monochrome bikini style swimsuit in the back there will be a lot of exposure, if your back is beautiful, may wish to try.

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