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Hot summer, to a little bikini temptation

Imagine barefoot walking on the soft sandy beach, the waves of the waves on the head, the slight sea breeze stroking your skin, the next moment you can with the sea to a close contact. Romantic summer vacation time, exciting seaside party, how much less sexy bikini!

It is time to show your graceful graceful posture, and so many types of bikini let you dazzled, Xiaobian today for you a good type, choose your own favorite, bring the perfect mood, wanton carnival at the beach.

Basic bikini style and daily wear underwear roughly the same, the biggest difference is that bikini is made of waterproof material. Face a wide variety of bikini, if you are the first choice of bikini, then choose the basic paragraph will not be wrong.

Striped retro temperament is the most fashionable elements today, wrapped in a strong cup, easy to show your proud figure. Lotus leaf girl witty and youth, a slightly “seductive” sexy, you can not live up to the summer good times.

Siamese pants bikini a lot of girls are worried that bikini will go light, if you have the same worry, even the banquet bikini can be a good prevention of light. Siamese swimsuit also more convenient and comfortable, anytime, anywhere to show a simple elegant atmosphere.
Cover the belly was thin body swimsuit national style swimsuit, in the dull black background to add you a very interesting elements. Classic fashion allows you to easily control, whether it is swimming in the pool or the beach wanton crazy play, Siamese swimsuit give you the most comfortable feeling.
Banded bikini strap elements from the clothes, shoes, fire all the way to the bikini, lace of the most sexy sexy, with the details of the small temptation to enhance people can not resist. The thin belt connects three points, and the strap is like the excitement of having a gift.

British lattice bikini bright and beautiful color is the first choice for bikini, high saturation color will make your chest looks more full, small chest fairy do not be afraid, the use of visual effects to create the perfect chest type, you can also be confident enough to appear at the seaside.

Sexy black triangular cup from Europe and the United States of the triangular cup bikini is the bikini in the bikini. Want to become the Queen of the beach, it is necessary to use the most classic and sexy style to win, do not worry about other people’s contests, your mysterious style needs to use black to interpret

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