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Playmate Joy Corrigan shows off her stunning beach body in two bikinis for Miami photo shoot

Joy Corrigan was photographed in a duo of skimpy bikinis on Monday as she frolicked about on the sand in Miami Beach.

The 22-year-old Playmate modeled a tiny turquoise number that allowed her to showcase her knockout legs and enviably flat midriff.

She’d also slid that  day into a two-piece patterned in orange, pink and blue, the top half of which resembled a sort of bralette in its shape.

Whilst in that blue getup, she posed standing up on a white wooden platform over the sand, as well as actually on the sand against an upright surfboard.

When she was in that other look, she lounged about on the sand, stretching herself where it met the water as a small breaking wave made its way toward her.

Joy was Miss February in Playboy this year, and reminisced to magazine in the article trumpeting her title: ‘I grew up poor,’ confiding further that ‘I didn’t know drinking powdered milk and wearing hand-me-downs wasn’t the norm.’

She’s said: ‘I never imagined how much my hard work and focus would one day pay off,’ recalling of the beginning of her career that ‘When I first started pursuing my dream, several people tried to dissuade me and were not very supportive.’

Quoth Joy: ‘One person told me that I see the world through rose-colored glasses. I’d have to agree, only now it’s when I’m modeling those glasses, surrounded by photographers, on set in exotic locations,’ the Hadley-born blonde quipped.

She’s also said to the magazine: ‘I grew up on a farm in North Carolina with six brothers and three sisters. I really don’t sweat the small stuff. Having so many siblings has taught me to thrive in the blissful chaos and just enjoy the ride!’

Asked about ‘the biggest misconception ‘about’ her, in the mag’s words, she’s offered: ‘That all I do is lie on a beach all day.’

She’s gone on: ‘Maybe I do that on most days, but I certainly don’t do it every day. Just kidding! I do think some people underestimate how much hard work I put into traveling and shooting,’ she explained her answer.

Said Joy: ‘My biggest passion is art, and I’m always working on at least three or four paintings. Instead of having a ton of friends, I have a few best friends. I would much rather go camping than go to a club. On a Friday night, I’m most likely cuddling on the couch, watching Netflix and eating my homemade truffle chili popcorn.’

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