Iskra Lawrence proudly shows off her hot curves and shakes her behind a sultry new video. When she returns to Victoria’s secret executives, he says he won’t play a big woman in the brand’s annual show.

The 28-year-old British model boarded Instagram on Monday – the second day after the TV show in Victoria’s secret fashion show – saying she refused to let anyone decide “what is fantasy.”

“I didn’t want to get noticed yesterday, so I’m releasing real shows right now,” she wrote. “Because those cells, the rolls are cute, the shake is sexy, everyone should have confidence in the skin.”

The Aerie spokesperson added that I would not be told what it is to imagine that I will only do this. “Who are we who make us beautiful, not just a beautiful ideal… proudly perfect, always #AerieReal.”

In the clip, Iskra is shaping a taupe bikini with a high waist bottom as she faces the camera and blows a kiss.

The video is set to VictoriaMonét’s hit song “You Like It”, which was shot in a water bungalow surrounded by a crystal blue sea.

When Iskra reached the end of the dock, she raised her arm and shook her back as she looked at the water.

Iskra’s post seems to be in response to Victoria’s secret senior creative person Ed Razek’s controversial comments on transgender and oversized models, which made headlines last month.

In an interview with Vogue, Razek was also the chief marketing officer of Creative Services, the lingerie giant’s parent company, Limited Brands, explaining why he wouldn’t be a transgender or oversized model at the annual show.

“If you ask if we have considered placing a transgender model in the show, or considering putting an XL model on the show, we have it,” he said, adding straightforwardly: ‘We are trying to make a special TV. Program plus [2000]. No one is interested in this, but still not.

Razek went on to say that he stopped using Instagram a few months ago and then detailed all the criticisms he saw on the social media about the brand.