Farrah Abraham is currently on vacation in the Maldives with her daughter Sophia, who has lived on the beach and bikinis during her travels.

According to the “Daily Mail” report on November 12th, Farrah Abraham saw a rickety bikini while soaking in an infinity pool with her daughter. The two enjoyed breakfast together and floated on the tray of the pool.

Abraham wore a pair of thin white bikini bottoms and a yellow knit bikini top, showing her rich cleavage and famous curves. The former teen mom OG star also rocked a new hairstyle, from brown long hair brown hair to a long platinum gold lock.

I saw that Farrah and Sophia were enjoying their meals because they had glasses in their hands. Sophia smiled at the camera because she was wearing a black swimming T-shirt and her long black hair was separated.

Little Sophia’s chin barely reached the floating breakfast tray, as if she might stand on the tip of her toe in order to reach her meal. Farrah looked at her daughter affectionately because she stroked her head in a sweet snapshot.

In the second photo, Sophia is nowhere to be seen, but Farah lies in her flat stomach because she wears thick bikini bottoms to reveal the curved back.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Farrah Abraham should take part in a celebrity boxing match last weekend. However, she panicked at the last minute.

The former teenage mother’s star said that the promoters of the battle did not reach the end of their contract, including booking up to 30 of the closest friends and family flights and hotel rooms, so she decided to withdraw from the game.

“Damon has been threatening my career and threatening litigation when he failed to complete his mission. He laughed at the anti-bullying game and he acted like a bully and was found guilty and was beaten by beating his girlfriend. Prison, the promoter lied that he bought these flights and would not give me any security. As a mother, I am unwavering, I will not tolerate illegal, insecure or bullying, the promoters and all related parties Violating their behavior,” Farrah Abraham said.