Tinashe’s “Sweater Weather” involves beaches and bikini beaches

While many northerners are quickly protecting their best sweaters, jackets, high-top sneakers and wool socks for the winter, Tinashe is making sandcastles on the beach, claiming it is “sweater weather.” We got this joke, but for those who mourn at the end of the summer, it is still a sensitive topic. In the photo below, the “No Drama” singer is affixed to a two-piece pink bikini to make a sandcastle that looks very cute.

Tinashe gave up the long-awaited Joyride album earlier this year and doesn’t seem to be as popular as many expected.

“Music is the most important thing for me to bring people together from different industries. Even if they don’t understand the lyrics, they are just sounds, even sounds.” She said she is a music producer. “The melody is a very powerful expression. For me, seeing how I evolved and how I tell my story is very interesting. The more people I can contact, the more I can introduce me. The world takes them in.”