‘Sports Illustrated’ swimsuit model Kate Vasley released Instagram bikini video revealing her body Photoshop

While the social media platform Instagram is now full of “influencers” and “Instagram stars,” most young women build the following by wearing bikinis and other exposed clothing, as Inquisitr often reports, Kate Wansley – a graduate A page on Instagram’s model sports Illustrated Swimwear issue – is open to the public and reveals how Instagram’s personality makes it super sexy on the site.

She does this on Instagram. Wansley, a 24-year-old from Australia, released a video on Monday showing how Photoshop can be used to digitally change Instagram images to make women’s bodies look flawless and take her own bikini body, such as The Daily Mail.

“In the video, Kate’s physique has not only shrunk, but also highlighted her cheekbones, getting rid of any cellulite and increasing the size of the breast,” the Post said.

Wasley is known as a “plus size” model and promotes enthusiasm. He manages the Any Body Co. blog. She said in her text next to her video that she would like to give the beauty of the Instagram and the digital skills behind the bikini lens to help other women avoid comparing their bodies to the women they see on the platform.

“It takes too little time to change a photo, and there is very little time to compare myself to the changing reality we often see on Instagram. It might be a Photoshop, it might be a pose, maybe it’s your own comparison. A completely different construct and body type for you,” she wrote. “When you compare yourself to online characters, you might think you are in the worst state, and you are comparing this to the best pieces of life they choose to share with the world.”