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The bikini has gone, but the London metal boy’s change is slow

The strip club, the lap dance of the limousine and the waitress in the bikini. For decades, the annual gathering of the London metal trading community has made nightlife very dark.

The sex discrimination entertainment on the LME Week Party has been recorded by the British tabloid for many years, but it has begun to change – slow. During this year’s London Metal Exchange Week, some companies retained risky corporate activities. Others gave up.

Gerald Metals, which claims to be the oldest purely physical metal commodity, has spent many years organizing parties for the Playboy Club’s customers and customers. The London Casino is known for its low-cut black satin tights and fluffy tails for drinks and dance.

Playboy’s carnival is well known in the industry. It is listed on the Metal Bulletin’s list “What’s On and Where?” Gerald Myers did not respond to Bloomberg’s request for comment.

Bikini women
Other companies, such as Wogen Resources Ltd., a small trading store specializing in niobium and cadmium-based niche materials, have reduced entertainment. In the past few years, women in light-weight clothing have served in the company’s afternoon Heartstarter restaurant, designed to revitalize traders who have spent a long night in the town. In 2015, the founder’s ob cites “important matters of waitresses and their costumes at the party”.

“We have not worn women in bikinis in any company function in recent years,” said Wogen CEO John Craig. “We have made a lot of changes in makeup, and with our development and the development of the industry, how our functional arrangements change.”

The nightlife of the London Mercantile Exchange (LME Week) remains the main networking event of the London Commodity Exchange, which is one of the reasons why the industry is seen as unpopular and difficult to serve women.

In the year after the #MeToo campaign, how companies treat women is increasingly subject to public scrutiny. Some of the UK’s largest companies have been publicly humiliated by gender pay gaps, with major executives being overturned by sexual harassment allegations.

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