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‘Exercise has helped me gain control of my life’: Kerry Katona unveils her body transformation as she shows off 2st weight-loss in a bikini on live TV

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Katona changed her way of life last year, taking off two stones in just six weeks. Carey Katona (kerry katona) proudly walked up to the loose woman as she prepared to show off her two stone weight-loss plans on Friday. (kerry katona), a 37-year-old former singer, showed off her stature and a dark wig. Because she showed how exercise helps her to control herself. Life, talking about being single, forsaking men once and for all.

“this is the best space I’ve been here for a long time,” Kerry explained. I feel I really control my life and exercise helps me. I’ve done a lot of yoga and cross-training, and most importantly, my kids (which have given me a lot of experience). ” Speaking of her failed love life, the blonde revealed that she would rather be a lesbian than go out with her. “I don’t want any more children,” she said. I don’t want to ruin this body. ”

“it’s definitely a woman,” Kerry added of her future date. “I’m definitely going to be a lesbian, not a man.” 100. ” Asked why, she joked, “Men. I need. What? No, I’m not a lesbian. I don’t think I’ve had a good adult relationship. All my relationships have been recorded since the age of 17. “I really need to be alone, and I’m happy myself. Being single is definitely the way forward. ”

In June, the eternal torchbearer and third husband George? Kay broke up, moved into her “wife” Annika? Piston, inspired by Cheshire’s real housewives, changed her life. attract sb.’s attention Kerry and George gave birth to their three-year-old daughter, Dylan George, while Reality Show star Molly, 16, Lili Su, 14, Hai Di, 10, and Maxwell, 9, were both daughters of her previous marriages. “my relationship has been very bad,” she said. I am an old romantic-I still believe in love, I still believe in marriage, I still believe in happiness from now on.

“if there’s a millionaire out there, come and take care of me and my kids,” she joked. Kerry added that exercise helped her get rid of bipolar therapy: “I’ve been off the medication for about eight months.” Many mental health disorders know what your trigger is and what tools to use when you are triggered. ‘don’t get me wrong, I still have mine.’ I’m still a little depressed on depressed days, just like we are. Because I’m going through divorce, I’d rather face these obstacles than cover them up with criticism.

She added: what’s next? To motivate others, on stage, to help mental health, drug use, marriage, divorce, custody. A man. “I’m not a victim. You can knock me down, but you can’t let me down.” The Reality Show star dressed in a small black two-piece dress highlighted her thin limbs with a pair of shiny golden weddings. Known for her iconic blond hair, Kerry replaced her appearance with a black wig in a sleek poker straight shape. The mother of the five men did not look recognizable in the photograph. With bright pink lips and rosy cheeks, it strengthened her golden sunkiss brown. After walking away from the audience, she screamed, “I did it!” I feel very powerful now. ”

Before the show, Kerry happily put on a beige coat, and her daughter Dylan Jolg joined her. She matched the expression with grey plaid trousers, white peeking boots and a creamy pullover. The TV character wore a Louis Vuitton (louis vuitton) bag and a soft black hat, while dylan-jorge looked cute in a fluffy pink coat and a multicolored coat. A headscarf. Earlier in the day, Kerry teased her new hair with a hot photo on instagram. On his way to the studio, the star posed in a taxi and wrote in the title of the camera: “take a sneak look!” What do we think of the black hair? ”

Kerry’s new freedom came after a string of failed marriages. In 2002, she married westlife’s Brian Mcfadden (brian mcfadden) at a romantic wedding in Ireland and then gave birth to two daughters, Molly and Lili Sue. Two years later, however, the couple filed for divorce and formally separated in 2006. A year later, Katona fell in love with Mark Croft (mark croft) and married at Grete (gretna green) ‘s private wedding. After their daughter Hai Di (heidi) broke up with his son Max (max) in 2008, Kerry finally broke up with the taxi driver in 2011.

She then started a relationship with George Kay and got married in 2014, but broke up three years later. Kerry gave birth to his daughter, Dylan George, who broke up with George in October 2015. A month later, she was charged in court with using a Taser and knife to arm herself and beating her at their home. He was acquitted. Prosecutors said they did not have enough evidence to ensure conviction. After the divorce, Kerry was linked to comedian James english, but the two reportedly broke up last October.

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