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The Top 5 Sexiest Female Olympians In Bikinis On Instagram

There is hardly anything sexier than a powerful woman in her competition. Thousands of women compete in the Olympics every four years. About 4700 women from around the world compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics. What they have in common is their pursuit of excellence. Another thing that some amazing women share is that they have been smoking on their instagram account. Training photos, random photos, and some very sexy bikini photos can be shared. Naturally, some of the sexiest women will be world-class athletes who have spent thousands of hours trying to maintain their best health. Whether running, beach volleyball or five-person triathlon, they are sure to stay healthy.

Cassidy Cook is an Olympic diver, so she lives almost in a swimsuit. According to the United States, the Texas native went to Stanford University to compete in the three-meter springboard race. She likes dancing, cooking, reading, and some serious creed. She can recite all the magic of Harry Potter. Her sister Kara was a diver at Purdue University, but failed to participate in the Olympics. She is She is still playing and training, hoping to win a place in the 2020 team.

Aly raisman, an American gymnast, won a silver medal in floor gymnastics and was part of the Rio Olympics. She won six medals, including three gold medals, between 2012 and 2016. She danced with stars in 2013, and in her post-Olympic life she was trying to launch her own collection of sportswear and socks, every American team.

Russian long jumper darya klishina is also controversial in her country because she is talented and sexy. According to bbc, she was labeled a traitor in Russia because she lived in the United States before the Olympics and accepted a qualified drug test program. Her Russian teammates were disqualified because of the blood-doping scandal. The rumor spread that she would compete as a neutral opponent. She did play neutral in 2017, which did not make her popular at home, but allowed her to continue to compete internationally.

Ana ivanovic, a Serbian tennis player, has won and counted 471 singles games in her career. Her career has fluctuated, but as a professional, she has managed to earn more than $15 million, and her endorsements and portraiture rights used in several video games are doing well. She never had any luck at the Olympics. She looks, but she is doing well now, supporting her family and sometimes as a brand ambassador and model.


Zsuzsanna “zsu” jakabos, a Hungarian swimmer, has participated in seven different Summer Olympics since 2004. According to women, she is only 29 years old and has spent half her life competing with the best competition in the world. Six feet one inch tall, she stood out in the crowd, even among her peers. Last year, she married coach Ivan Petrov (ivan petrov), and that is still the case. However, there is no official news that she will win the gold medal in 2020.

Although there are countless sexy Olympians on instagram, only a small number have released sexy bikini photos. The list is likely to double, and there will be more to share. Thanks to all these women and all the Olympians who posted for all their hard work, we were happy to share their real life away from the competition.

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