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Romee strijd is really good at posing on a bikini-which is why another brand has invited her to be a swimsuit model. Australian brand seafolly announced this week that it has turned the 23-year-old supermodel into an 18-year-old model. In this hot new photo, the Dutch beauty wears a bikini, a suit and a beach fashion because she likes the Australian beach and the sun.


Romeo was filmed by legendary photographer Gillis BerSimon, her first visit to Australia. She seems to enjoy herself and has a natural smile in her sexy new sports image. She gave the lifeguard the best impression with a yellow photograph and looked out at the water. She jogs on the beach in a bright blue bikini, with a blue bikini on her blue ball cap. All in all, she models 20 different swimsuits, as well as trendy streamlined trousers, blouses and blouses.

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