The heat down to a lot of people began to consider going to the swimming pool or occasionally to the beach to play, but the thought of other girls wearing a beautiful swimwear, and their own only small pot and plump limbs, whether the fun of the fun gone The Beauty is the nature of each woman, look at someone else’s good body, and then look at their own, always feel not satisfied, since it is so to immediately shape their own body it Want to create a more perfect hot body of course, from all aspects of the start, less consumption is the focus of consumption. In the case of

One-piece skirt-style bronze tent
Whether you are up to the people or Europe and the United States Fan, urban tide people can use it to show their elegant temperament, 3D stereoscopic cut the body of the curve, very clear belly was thin, the cup of steel plus comfortable sponge insert, very good Enhance the chest, the process of knitting rope movement of the United States back of the design, conservative and comfortable flat pants, put on a very nice

Of course, showing a good figure at the same time can not ignore the details of the problem.
General swimsuit material is the use of flexible polyurethane fiber, if the encounter within the swimming pool sterilization bleach, or a long time placed in a humid environment, are likely to cause elastic fatigue, scalability deterioration, and now teach You a few simple way to save, so that your swimsuit forever to maintain integrity and beauty. 1. As the pool of chlorine, chemical drugs and sunscreen and other oil will damage the swimsuit elasticity, so try not to get swimwear, should first wear a swimsuit and then apply sunscreen, swim swimming should be the first to clean the body and then swallow. 2. Do not touch the rough surface of cement, sand, rock and other surfaces.
Conservative conjoined swimming
The use of nylon spandex mixed elastic fabric, wearing a very comfortable, durable is not easy to deformation, high waist design, it is very long legs, sexy temperament, fashion coexistence, Siamese skirt, put on a very self-cultivation , Fresh and playful, very nice

Bikini is the most influential fashion in the history of innovation. In 1946, the United States in the Pacific Ocean called bikini (bikini) on the island of atomic bomb test, 18 days later, a man named Louis Reed (Louis Reard) of the French people introduced by the three cloth and four tapes , Kneading into a group can be loaded into a matchbox swimsuit, can imagine, this brace style jacket and briefs composed of swimsuit how much “cool”, or even no model dare to wear. Finally, Lille found a girl with a striptease, held an exhibition next to an open-air swimming pool, screams, and even fainted on the spot. This piece of cloth less than 70 cm new swimwear, the designer named after the name of the bikini, because it broke out of the energy as much as the sinking in the island over the atomic bomb, affecting the global people over the past 60 years of aesthetic trends The But the bikini is really accepted and popular, the film, very hard work.

Bikini was born in 1946, but in 1952, when a man named “The Girl in the Bikini” French film release, the 18-year-old actress Brigitte Bardot (Brigitte Bardot) immediately by the Vatican The Holy See as a devil, but also led to a lot of conservative people’s anger. But also lost the film, bikini was quickly popular up.

Bikini is the most grateful actress is Brigitte Bardot, she let these three cloth began to become fashionable. But Brigitte Bardot should also be grateful to the bikini, it is laid its own sexy goddess status. That year, she was only 18 years old, wearing a shoulder strap bikini out of the limelight. Although in 1958 the Vatican also exhibited her pictures (not dressed in bikini) as a symbol of the devil, but this could not stop the bikini’s rapid spread. And “sexy kittens” Brigitte Bardot has since become the most determined bikini supporters.
One-piece skirt-style small chest gather swimsuit
Classic small incense shoulder design, the atmosphere neat tailoring, matching rich texture of the fabric, so that this European and American style in the Asian women who show a different beauty, the waist is hollow design, looks very slim, this swimsuit is conservative And the perfect combination of sexy

Bodo let bikini swept wholesale bikinis Europe, Marilyn Monroe it spread to the world. In 1962, more than a decade after the discovery of bikini, Monroe was wearing a silk bikini debut in Something’s Got to Give for only 37 minutes of her long legacy. Perfect body, natural curved eyelashes, white flawless teeth and occasional provocative action, still distributed a sensual maturity, glamorous sexy atmosphere. At that time no one from her eyes to see the confusion and confusion. So when the morning of August 4, people also see Monroe face bright, no one expected this is her last glory before dying. But Monroe wearing a bikini film and art photos appear in a variety of fashion magazines, the first time for people to see each other bikini, bikini is also linked with the name of Monroe and quickly spread all over the world.