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Cover the meat and sexy gather swimwear, wear clothing inadvertently beauty

In this hot summer season,wholesale bikinis, the best thing is to soak in the water, fresh and cool. In the weekend or leisure time, about a few friends go to the beach to play some, take a good look. Then go to the beach to play the words naturally is the lack of swimwear and goggles! But these are ready for the water!

Some girls may feel swimsuit words are too dare not wear, and some girls feel that their waist thick, dare not wear, although these are very good reason, but Xiaobian told you, the election of the right Swimsuit, you can really look good. Flesh is afraid of too dew, then choose to cover the type of meat, so do not worry about it! And eyes afraid of water, then wear goggles, this will worry about water? Then the next to introduce several nice swimsuit and goggles it!

Swimsuit, then in fact, you can choose the type of three-piece, that is, outside the blouse, it is necessary to cover the belly and waist, but also inadvertently sexy and charm. Swimsuit, then you should also choose to gather the design, so as to highlight the proud career line, in order to more self-confidence Oh! The following three swimsuit are in line with such a request, was thin cover the meat, gather the sexy also particularly temperament.

Swimsuit female three-piece split bikini small chest gather conservative shelter was thin long sleeves beach vacation swimwear
Super nice and sexy a bikini three-piece, swimsuit is a gathering of the design, even the small chest can also wear a proud career line, but also uses a neck strap strap design, which further enhance the charm index The The bigger bright spot is the outside of the lace blouse, hollow design, looming highlights the elegant charm. And irregular clothes to create a unique fashion sense. The focus is to cover the meat was thin, but also sunscreen, it is good to wear not.

Sexy bikini three-piece blouse swimsuit female hot spring small chest braid gather pure seaside was thin swimwear
Korean version of the charm of the swimsuit, using a three-piece design, fashion is very high. Thickened chest pad will not be deformed, and there is a steel tray so wear together more sexy and charming. Outside is a layer of yarn design, was thin and very covered belly at the same time highlight the temperament. It is a share of sexy, mysterious temptation Oh!

Goggles, then for those who like to swim is also very important, because it can be a good protection of the eyes, making the eyes will not water, can be better in the water free to play, but also better to see the situation in the water, So go to the beach when the goggles are not allowed to play. The following three goggles are also very practical, and now take a look at it!

High-definition waterproof fog large frame myopia goggles plated flat polarized degree swimming glasses men and women
High-definition anti-fog design, Colorful vacuum coated lenses, double-layer anti-fog core technology, wearing a comfortable feeling. Edible grade green silicone 3D contour fit design, play a very good waterproof effect. Comfortable double anti-skid silicone mirror with a solid and durable, easy to adjust the elastic. Suitable for different head wear!

I believe that with such swimwear and goggles, to the beach, then will play more happy Oh! And do not have to worry about how to do lochia, do not worry about the eyes into the water can not see the situation in the water it! This swimsuit swimsuit and goggles can easily help solve, so do not miss! I believe that wearing this swimsuit to the beach you can also have the same rate!

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