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Sexy bikinis swim in the beach sexy queen

Soft fabric skin care, fine workmanship, fashion and no lack of leisure. Cross the hook neck strap design sexy, and from the front cup to the back of the strap is more like the place, as long as a little tight, tied the United States and the United States bow, the chest will become a type.

Bikini best interpretation of the perfect body of a woman, a sexy dress, minutes to create the most sexy queen on the beach, and bikini do not pick color, all skin color can be managed Oh.

Wear bikini type is particularly suitable for swimming, pro-try swimming are wearing three-point do not have to worry about light, high-end quality bikini will not fade deformation, highlight the high-end quality texture.

The new classic sexy lace Slim piece lace swimsuit darling bikini version of the type of Siamese, the use of lace hollow details of the design, full of British noble aristocratic atmosphere, black and white stitching, simple atmosphere, no steel ring, back Is a zipper, easy to wear off.

Europe and the United States new swimsuit small chest gather women swimsuit black letters were thin body sexy big chest bikini. Shoulder strap can be adjusted according to size, back easy to buckle. The middle of the hollow design with a looming beauty, straps from the chest of the hollow position extended out, outline the waist slender

The use of comfortable soft elastic fabric, fit the Asian body, beautiful hit color not only attract the eye, but also to avoid the embarrassment of the Zhuangshan, left on the beach Your unique shadows

Europe and the United States sexy triangular bikini no steel care Slim was thin black and white tied with a small chest crochet hot spring swimwear. Tie rope section basically does not limit the body, big chest can be worn chest, keep the high rate of a bikini, chest pad You can also put inserts

Seaside two-piece suit color sexy three-point thong bikini swimsuit female design bias sports wind, with a cap, show the same sexy beauty. The design of the removable chest pad gives you more wear experience.

New fashion white ribbon with no steel ring with three-point bikini sexy triangle swimwear female hanging neck lace design exposed charming clavicle and chest curve, according to the body to adjust, easy to replace wear off. Cup wrapped small but will appear chest, not limited cup, do not leak, any breast can wear

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